Solidteknics was founded in Australia in 2014 by mechanical engineer and keen cook Mark J Henry. Tired of disposable, synthetic-coated pans, Mark set out to create cookware that was better for our health, for our planet and for the quality of the food we cook.

Manufactured in Australia and now available to purchase in the UK, our multi-generational cookware is loved by professional chefs and home cooks all over the world. The reasons are clear:

Our pans are engineered to create incredible food, in both domestic and commercial environments. They offer exceptional control, conductivity and heat retention. Whether searing a ribeye, crisping the skin of a sea bass or caramelising onions, expect perfection.

Each Solidteknics pan is made from a single sheet of wrought monobloc iron. No joins, no rivets, no points of weakness. Although lighter than cast iron, our products are so durable they come with a multi-generational warranty. Designed to live in kitchens, not in landfill.

Pans don’t have to be covered in toxic synthetic coatings to deliver results in the kitchen. Ours are made from 100% organic materials. We pre-season them with rice bran oil, creating a strong, inert, all-natural non-stick cooking surface that improves with age. 

Function comes first, but our pans look good too. Monochrome colouring, strong curves, elegant ergonomic handles, stylish detailing. Carry your casserole or curry straight from the kitchen to the table without compromising on presentation.

Our highly versatile pans produce incredible results regardless of the heat source, from hob to oven, barbecue to fire pit.