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Register your warranty | Solidteknics

Register your warranty

All Solidteknics products come with simple multi-century warranty. Fill out this form to register your pans.

All Solidteknics pans come with simple multi-century warranty for all defects related to materials or manufacturing that occur during normal cooking. This is a manufacturing warranty for defects, and not valid for improper use, lack of maintenance, abuse, or ‘change of heart’. 

In effect, there is no time limit on our warranty: we will replace all genuine warranty claims, in whichever century they are returned!

This is not a marketing gimmick: this is just solid engineering. Our cookware is wrought from one solid piece of very tough metal, with no coatings or joins. Our engineering and materials expertise gives us the confidence that – when treated with a normal, recommended level of care – our cookware will last for centuries.

Please fill out the form below to register your warranty.