Oven seasoning

How to get your pan’s natural non-stick surface back on track if it has taken a significant hit.

the big reset

How to oven season

If your pan’s cooking surface has been seriously undermined by detergent, acidic food or hard scrubbing, a single bout of oven seasoning will be enough to start rebuilding that natural non-stick quality. Here’s how:

1. Heat your oven to 90°C and place the pan inside for 15 minutes to warm it up.

2. Using a paper towel, wipe a thin layer of oil over the surface of the pan, then wipe it clean – it should look dry.

3. Turn your oven up to 250°C. When it’s hot, place the pan upside down on one of the shelves. Leave it for 2 hours.

4. Turn the oven off and let it cool for at least 30 minutes before removing the pan.

Step by step

To see oven seasoning in action, watch this short video.